Searching for code for to do list alexa

Today I was trying to search for code for turning the Alexa shopping list or the to do list into a text based format and to implement it into my first skill set but so far I have had no luck so I got a feeling it hasn’t been done before but I have found one that does email but the problem is that it was on the IFTTT website which doesn’t show the code as it would be similar to that one so I might need to ask on forum and hope that someone replies so I can put it in but if it not possible I will go to my third skill set and start on that while waiting and to do the report side of this project.

Skill set 1 overview and main code explained

But there are 6 different bits and parts of code that basically are the main bits for the skill set to work which is spread out through the json file.

The first 3 main parts are all together which are the credentials to my Twilio account as these are needed to enable the Twilio messaging API to send the message to the destination mobile number that is linked to the account.

var accountSid = ‘xxxxxxxxxxxxx396b2e8ffaee154cc1d8a14’;

var authToken = ‘xxxxxxxxxxxxx0a83e2ede3c3619b5d2a’;

These are basically the credentials that Twilio and Amazon need to verify that the account is my if I don’t have this in the code and the very top it will basically not send the message and will error out.

Then there is the phone number which looks like this “var PhoneNumber = xxxxxxxxxxx”  which basically is setting the number that is on the account and will show as the ID for the phone receiving the message.

The 4th bit of code that was important was the code that actually sends the message which it basically sets out the person the text that it is going to get sent to, the number that it is from which the previous bit of code mention and the actual body of the text which is the actual text that is going to be sent to the person.

function SendSMS(to, body, callback){

var message = {

To: to,

From: fromNumber,

Body: body


Skill set 1 success

Today I have successfully got the code working for my sms application on alexa and it is successfully sending the text to my phone but I had to buy a phone number on the Twilio website which came out of the $15.50 I got for the trial account I am going to contact them and see if I can get a discount so I don’t have to worry about big bills so I am going put $30 a side so I can get it set up as a full account so I don’t have to worry about running out of credit.

So now when I get my echo I can use it to send text if I don’t have my phone and it shows that even you can get anything done if you concentrated and put your mind to it and I have to thank the template and tutorial I used to get it working with Twilio.

Twilio appScreenshot_20170714-171347

Twilio and lambda

Today I have decided to change some of my plans for the skill set 1 as I don’t want to risk paying for alot of this project just for a microservice to run on a different website when I could use Lambda on AWS and it would cost me if I don’t go over the free tier so I was researching ways of getting Twilio to work through AWS to send the messages.

Even though I haven’t done a lot of the project over the holidays I have been doing the report side of it as I need to really get into that.

This is the website I have found and are trying to get it to work with Twilio so my aim for this week is to actually have the skill set working.


Twilio account set up

Today I have quickly created the twilio account i will be using for the messaging service side of the alexa skill set I am creating which I will use only for testing the skill set but I won’t be publishing as it will error out on people as it won’t have contacts for there people.

Twilio api and account

I have decided to basically use twilio for the message side of the skill set but I am still having trouble whether to use the free trial account to test the skill set out or to go straight to the paid version of the twilio numbers as I won’t be worry about the limit being reached.

I have also come to another road block for my project and it terms of this to as with the nz numbers it only has the voice side of the twilio message and not the sms side.

Skill set 1 code complete

Today I have finshed the last of the coding for my first skill set which will enable sending messages to phones but I am holding off testing the skill set till I get a echo and the api up and running as I need these in order to get the skill set working properly and it won’t run on the echo sim.