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Last blog post overview

So this is my last post for my project so basically, I am going to wrap this up by mentioning what I learned in each skill set and how I think I went in terms of the skill set and time management.

So for my first skill set which was me using the Twilio messaging service API and implementing it into Alexa with this skill set the aim was to basically just learn more about API’s while also learning more about Javascript code and how it is used in everyday life which I feel like I went pretty well with this skill set in terms of time as I really did it in my own time when I didn’t have a lot of assignments to worry about I would also say this was my favourite skill set out the 3 as it showed me a lot more in terms of API’s and how they work as at the start I knew that it only really worked with certain identifiers in the code.

Then with the Second skill set, I really learned that when something is in Beta in terms of code and API’s as since I didn’t really get this skill set working it showed me to research about the API’s before using them as even though it was an Amazon API I should have learnt more through the documentation and in terms of time management for this skill set I would say that I need to improve on it for this one as I couldn’t really find the time to research the getlist API so was kind of a let down.

Lastly for the third skill, even though I only got half of the skill set done I still learned a lot as I learnt that the skill set in terms of the Lambda code doesn’t need to be that big in terms of lines as this wasn’t a lot in terms of lines of code which kind of surprised me as even though I made a lot of mistakes in the code and fixed them it took a lot of patients as it was right in front of me the whole time.

So in terms of the report, I am currently halfway through the word count as kind of at the time didn’t know about the word count that we had to get up to in order to submit the report so kind of panicking about this limit. But I am confident that I can get to this word count but if I don’t I will talk to the tutor in terms of this as never been confident at writing really long reports.

Coding started

Due to be me been busy with the coding side of this project I haven’t been able to post as often as the due time is closing in and so I have been focusing on this instead of the post as I want to have at least an attempt to this skill set in terms of code and creating it from scratch.

In terms of the code so far for the skill set 3 I have the Gmail API functions in the index.js file and I have got the login details to communicate with their API server as I need to have this to verify the account is my and that it relates to that project on Google.

List api thought

Due to technical difficulties with the alexa api list not working for me I have decided to take that function out of skill set 3 this is due to the api is still freshly released so there are problems that need fixing as because when I use the Amazon template for the api it doesn’t work for some reason even when it isn’t edited. So, for now, I am going to focus on the email side of the 3rd skill set as the api for gmail looks really cool and I want to try and use my own code to try and get this working as they got a good tutorial on their website.

skill set 3 research

Today I have basically start researching ways to get my skill to work with an email service and to send my shopping list to the destination email address so in terms of this I have tried IFTTT to see what actually happens with their recipe and what kind of delay it has once I have asked what’s on my shopping to when I get the email as even though I can’t see the code behind the applet I am picking it would basically be javascript or phyton code as it would have to be basically the same code for it in order to work.